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About Great American
Back in 1996, Lynn Lockwood purchased the Boonville and Watertown Great American from Victory Markets/Great American Foodstores. Mr. Lockwood had worked for Victory Markets for 40+ years, starting as a bagboy. When Victory Markets began to sell off its stores, being a resident of Boonville, Mr. Lockwood acquired the Boonville and Watertown markets. The primary reason that he bought the stores was to serve the communities of Boonville and Watertown. With a customers-first mentality, the Lockwood family has strived for quality, and to offer a new variety of goods to our customers. Taking the mindset that our stores will offer more then just groceries; we strive to be a general store, so to speak.
The Lockwood family and our extended family of employees wish to say thank you for your patronage!